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Orienteering Association Uganda (OAU) is an active national umbrella organization that ensures growth and development of the orienteering sport in Uganda, we also arrange and organize national events and also take part in international events in all disciplines

Our mission is to support the development of orienteering sport in Uganda

Our goal is to set up a National Orienteering Centre to help in nurturing young orienteers, provision of junior incentive schemes and growing the sport.

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  • Uganda National Orienteering League

    Every year we conduct a national orienteering league targeting clubs which are our members. The winning teams are rewarded at the end of each season in a respective year. The athletes are also ranked and the results are displayed on our website.


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    World Orienteering Day

    Every year, we join the rest of the world to celebrate "The World Orienteering Day. This is something we are all proud to be part of and we ecourage all our members, affiliate clubs and well wishers who would like to celebrate with us to join the cause and we Colour the world. Contact us we will be glad to here from you.

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  • Schools Orienteering League

  • These programmes are for people of all ages and ability, they are offered during school holidays. These programes are organized within the central regions of Uganda, we conduct orienteering training to freshers and those who want to perfect the game. Contact us for more details.



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    Uganda Orienteering Festival

    This activity is for all males and females aged from 6 years above from all parts of Uganda. The festival is conducted annually and also attracts international community and international orienteers.



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    Uganda Orienteering Championships

    The annual championship targets individuals, clubs and wellwishers but at the same time this is a world ranking event where all participants have to undergo through a selection process following a formal entry system. The best athletes are selected to represent the country in international events.

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    Corporate League Orienteering

    The Corporate League Orienteering is targeting companies which may preffer to do orienteering as corporate social responsibility, this is conducted towards every end of the year. Be part of something bigger join fellow companies and exploit the SME market as you enjoy the game.


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    Local & International Events

    All our affiliate clubs have to arrange a local event in each quarter, we ensure that all athletes who have participated in these events are ranked and their results displayed. Orienteering Association Uganda (OAU) will select the best athletes to represent the country in all international events.


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    Meet the Orienteers

    This is a socail event where various orienteers who are recognised in the sport talk and inspire young orienteers and freshers in the game.

Our Team

Patron: Mariam Naiga
CEO: Sam Lubega
Sec.Gen/Asst.CEO: Kasozi Abdu-Karim
Finance & Admin: Jiibah Nakintu


Its the first time I have seen and heard about orienteering sport being played in Uganda, thank you Orienteering Association Uganda (OAU).

Mawanda John

Orienteering a sport without age limitation, the association has to do alot of work to ensure that Ugandans embrace the sport. I highly belive they can do it..

Linda Graham

Looking forward to effectively represent my country in the orineteering sport, We can wait for International show downs thanks to Orienteering Association Uganda (OAU).

Mukasa Paul